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1)What is CBB?
2)What does CBB stands for?
3)Why Use Corporate Business Brokers?
4)Where is CBB headquarter Located?
5)What does CBB Offer?
6)What is CBB role in buying/selling transaction?
7)What is the geographical scope of CBB services?
8)What Types of businesses does CBB help Buy and Sell?
9)How long does it take to sell my business?
10)What happens when there is a buyer?
11)How can I reach CBB?
What is CBB?
CBB is a New Jersey based Business Brokerage Firm.
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What does CBB stands for?
CBB stands for Corporate Business Brokers.
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Why Use Corporate Business Brokers?
  • Protect Confidentiality
  • Allows Business Owner to Operate the business
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Better exposure
  • More effective marketing methods
  • Better chance of selling at fair market value

  • Corporate Business Brokers maintains a large network of contacts in the business community that provide information about confidential situations that are not available through public channels. This allows a buyer or seller to learn to learn about potential opportunities that may not be available to the public.
    Corporate Business Brokers will add remarkable value to the sale or purchase of a business; the process of buying or selling a business can be stressful and time consuming.
    Corporate Business Brokers has the experience to navigate the buyer or seller through the entire transaction. Another important value we hold is properly valuing business, and structure the deal to ensure that the seller gets the best deal possible. For sellers, Corporate Business Brokers will result in more buyer activity by advertising in various networks, direct mail campaigns, newspaper advertisements, and previous buyer contacts. This creates a more competitive environment in the bidding process.
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    Where is CBB headquarter Located?
    CBB headquarter is situated in the heart of New Jersey, Edison.
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    What does CBB Offer?
    CBB Offers Business broker services when Commercial Buying and Selling transaction take place. Utilizing our experience in identifying and searching for businesses we take the time to understand goals and objectives for the acquisition and assist in identifying buying trends and market behaviors.
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    What is CBB role in buying/selling transaction?
    CBB helps business sellers to find potential buyers, and also helps buyers to find the right business for their investment. Once the right connection is made, CBB helps both parties to come to an agreement in order to close the sale. In the process of each transaction, CBB communicates and advises both parties to make the deal happen. CBB also prepares, inquires and provides all pertinent business documentation necessary for a successful business deal closing.
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    What is the geographical scope of CBB services?
    CBB mainly offers their service for all business owners in NJ, NY and PA states. However, if required CBB can offer there expertise and services outside the above mentioned states. From time to time CBB does get involved in business transaction in CT, NC, SC and FL.
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    What Types of businesses does CBB help Buy and Sell?
    CBB Offers services and have experience with all types of Commercial and Industrial Business sales.
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    Some businesses will take longer to sell, while others will sell in a shorter period of time. The sooner you have all the information needed to begin the marketing process, the shorter the time period will be. Also, its very important that you price your business properly; remember, a buyer will always refuse to buy an overpriced business.
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    What happens when there is a buyer?
    We will help the potential buyer to submit a written offer. You may accept the offer or you may make a counter-proposal. When you reach an agreement with a buyer, the final contract will be drawn and signed. Once the closing has been completed, money will be distributed and the new owner will take position.
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    How can I reach CBB?
    You can reach CBB staff:
  • Via Cbb-tristate website -Click Here
  • Via Phone -(732) 626 5240
  • Via Email -info@cbb-tristate.com
  • Via Mail 291 Route 1 South, Edison, NJ 08817

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